About amy

Welcome. My name is Amy and when I'm not slaving away at my place of employ I have camera in hand trying to capture the moment that moves me. Sometimes I'm successful... sometimes not so successful. Never-the-less I'm cute but stupid enough to actually post these attempts at artistry.

I've used photography as an outlet for my artistic needs for over 20 years. When digital photography came our way, I too was one of many that scoffed at it's viability for the true photographer. Hah! How pretentious is that?!! Digital photography is truly a godsend. What took me hours in the darkroom I can now achieve by hours in front of my computer using photoshop...just in the light of day... no more red tinge to my complexion.

Some of my shots have been modified greatly and others are exactly as I shot them. Have a boo at my work and see what you think. I hope you like them.

Photography Equipment

Nikon D300
Nikon D70
Nikon 60mm micro lens
Nikon 18-70mm lens
Nikon 70-100mm lens
Photoshop CS3